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Mini Tartles ideas

Mini Tartles ideas

What do you need for tartlets?

Tartlets or baskets made from shortcrust pastry, cream, mascarpone, chocolate, and fruit.

Fruit Tartlets:

  • Whip the cream, then add mascarpone, a bit of Color Red food coloring, and fruit of your choice.

Chocolate Tartlets:

  • In the whipped cream with added mascarpone, slowly pour in melted chocolate that has been melted over a double boiler.

Filling and Decorating:

Best recipe for colorful donuts

Best recipe for colorful donuts

Brighten your day with these delightful Colorful Donuts! These vibrant, handmade treats are not only visually stunning but also irresistibly delicious. Perfect for parties, celebrations, or simply to add a splash of color to your dessert spread, these donuts are sure to bring joy to anyone who takes a bite.

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